Surveyors – Is your “specialism” stalling your career and reducing your long-term earnings?

Surveyors – Is your “specialism” stalling your career and reducing your long-term earnings?

As I write this, I am working with Surveyors of all types. Some have broad experience, others a more specialist focus, such as insurance reinstatement, high-rise buildings, or the rail sector.

Sometimes your specialism will have benefits, especially in the short term, but as with every choice there are consequences too – something you may discover when you come to take your next career step.

The truth is, a lot of employers see specialism as a restriction. Here are just a few reasons why:

❌ Training requirements – Your specialism in one area means you’ll need training before getting involved in other areas of work. So, if a company delivers a broad range of work, they’ll need to spend time and money getting you up to speed

❌ Adaptability – Depending on your length of time in one sector, your focus can raise questions about your ability to change. 5-10 years in a specific niche may leave employers thinking that you’re stuck in your ways

❌ Flexibility – In turbulent times a company’s focus changes and employers need staff who can deliver a range of work

However, if you ARE specialised then I want you to know that none of these issues are insurmountable.

How do you get past them?



Whether that means asking to be exposed to a wider range of work within your own company, or making a sideways move to a company with a broader workload, you’ll soon increase your appeal to a wider range of employers.

The bottom line is, the moment you recognise that you’re being pigeonholed is the time to change.

I have helped numerous people to make this change, and with a proper strategy you can take control of your career and benefit from: –

✔ Higher long-term earnings

✔ Improved progression opportunities

✔ Increased job options when you need or want to move

If you’re a highly specialised surveyor and you want to broaden your experience, just send me a DM and we can discuss your situation. I don’t need your CV.

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Surveyors: Are job security fears holding your career back?

Surveyors: Are job security fears holding your career back?

If so, you could be limiting your career for years to come.


The one thing I am asked for by employer’s time and again, are “dynamic Surveyors”. This essentially translates to “people who want to get on and make something of their career”.

Gone are the days of 7-10 years stints in a company having huge value on a CV. More often than not a long stint raises questions, such as: –

❌ Why have they not moved on?
❌ Why have they not diversified and broadened their experience?
❌ Are they not driven to push their career forward?

This may seem unfair, and some would say that loyalty to an employer should have ultimate value, but that’s just not how clients see it nowadays.

True value from an employer’s perspective comes from breadth of experience and the drive to work hard. They understand that these employees will be adaptable through their broad experience, and ready to work hard to move their career forward and reach their goals.

But I’d be lying to you if I said there weren’t any risks involved in changing jobs and moving to a new company.

You know as well as I do that it’s unwise to jump blindly into a company purely based on a flashy package as this can lead to many problems down the line.

This is why it’s important to explore these risks as part of your job search. For instance, by looking at the overall stability of a company.

The Surveyors who are making strong career steps now are making strategic moves into companies that have strategic plans to cope with current and future market conditions. This is Key.

The bottom line is, I understand your concerns. I don’t work with unstable companies for the same reason that you wouldn’t want to work for them. Risk.

I understand the trust that candidates are putting in me when searching for their next career step, in the current market more than ever.

✔ If you want to explore what your next career step could look like, and work with a recruiter who will guide you through the entire process, no CV is required. Just DM me and we can go from there.

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Building Surveyors - Are you being pigeonholed

Building Surveyors – Are you becoming “pigeonholed”?

If so, the impact on your career could be catastrophic.

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If you instruct HD Surveyors in December 2019 we will help you take your next career step and donate 10% of our fee to a charity of your choice.

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