Building Surveyors - Are you being pigeonholed

Building Surveyors – Are you becoming “pigeonholed”?

If so, the impact on your career could be catastrophic.

Here’s why:

The company you work for can have the strongest influence on the formative years of your career.

I’ll bet when you joined, you were sold the dream of a “varied workload”. However, the company’s structure or needs quickly result in you specialising in one specific area.

And, as your experience grows in that area, so does your value for that type of work. At first, this is great – it means promotions and pay rises. You’ll feel like you’re progressing, and everything is going to plan.

But there’s a problem.

You’re becoming “pigeonholed”.

And here’s what it could mean for you:

❌ Losing love for your job – For most, the reason you became a Building Surveyor was because of the variety in the job. Lose this and you can feel that you are on the hamster wheel

❌ Unable to progress with your APC – There is a lot you need to cover to become Chartered. If you are not given exposure to this work, then it simply can’t happen

❌ Limited progression – Whilst progression may have come thick and fast at the beginning, there will be a limit to how far you can progress within your sector. Once you hit that ceiling, it’s the end of the line

❌ At the whim of the economy – If you specialise in a sector that flourishes in a booming economy, a recession or slowdown can heavily reduce your value in the market

❌ Lack of job opportunities – The bulk of clients look for well-rounded Building Surveyors. If you have specialised in a certain area, then crossing over can be very difficult, often leading to a reduced salary if you have to move.

If you’re finding yourself in this situation, you need to break the cycle and force the change. Act now, before it becomes a major issue.

With the volume of Surveyor jobs and lack of Surveyors in the market there has never been a better time for this. Companies’ options are limited. This means they’re being a lot more flexible about whom they hire and under what terms.

I’ve a huge amount of experience in helping people make this move, broadening their experience and greatly improving their value and career opportunities.

If you want to discuss your situation and your options, no need for a CV at this stage, just DM me and we can start the conversation.

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