Christmas job search? Here's why the perfect job should be on your Christmas list!

Christmas can be the best time to search for a new job. Shrug off your Christmas party hangover, beat the competition and kick off theĀ New Year with your perfect job.

Why now?

  1. Many people put their job search on hold over Christmas with their focus shifting to social events and Christmas parties. This means less competition and the best chance of securing that perfect job!
  2. Most hiring managers use the end of the year to ensure that they are all set for January. As the month slows down they have more time to focus on securing the best candidates for all of their open jobs. Be on THEIR Christmas list!
  3. Christmas brings shopping, parties and holidays, but a good recruiter never stops. Make the most of the dedicated recruiters out there. Get their attention when job seeker traffic is low and get them working to find you the perfect job for the New Year.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Christmas job search on and get ready for a fresh start in 2016!

Where to start?

  1. Update your CV – You don’t need fancy fonts and layouts, just ensure that all the facts are there. It may have been a long time since you last worked on your CV but it is the most important place to start. The HD Surveyors recruitment team is always happy to give advice and guidance on your CV.
  2. Define your perfect job – Employment markets are busy but defining your perfect role before you start trawling through jobs means that you will find the perfect job, not just another job.
  3. Get your recruiter working for you! – Find yourself a niche recruiter who understands your specialist skills. They will be best set to reach the right people in the right companies, ensuring that your CV doesn’t sit in a secretary’s inbox but is actively discussed with a Director or hiring manager.

Is Surveying your specialist sector? Get HD Surveyors working to find your next job this Christmas. We will be watching for your emails and are more than happy to help when it comes to writing that CV too!

Happy Christmas all!