New Year Surveyor Blues? Maybe you’re in the wrong job!

It’s a New Year. You’re rested, you’ve probably eaten and drank too much over Christmas and suddenly the festive season is over and it’s time to get back to work…

…Did you walk to the office with heavy feet? Does eating leftover Christmas sprouts fill you with more joy than the thought of getting behind your all too familiar desk?We’ve all been there and it’s not a great feeling but despite how it may feel right now, YOU are in control of YOUR 2016 and I have been looking at what you can do about it.

Apparently you spend 35% of your waking hours at work and that’s not including all the extra hours you put in! That is a huge chunk of your life and if you are not enjoying it, then TAKE CONTROL, only you can change it.

What makes you happy in your work could be vastly different to the next person, so whilst I was going to search for online statistics to find out what drives people to search for a new job, you’ve heard it all before, so as a specialist recruiter within the professional world of Surveying, I thought I would look back at some of our recent job-seekers to find out what factors drove them to look for a new job.

My findings may differ from your thoughts but here are what I found to be the Top 5 reasons for joining the New year job search.

  1. The right job – Did you accept the wrong job? The main reason we hear for people moving jobs recently is that they accepted their current job in the recession, when options were few. The job market for Surveyors is now buoyant and people are recognising that now is the right time to get their career back on track.
  2. Progression – Where is your career going? Many employees are finding that whilst the economy is moving forward, their career is standing still. The need to progress and develop a career is still a key reason for initiating a job search.
  3. Appreciation for your efforts – Is your work valued by your colleagues and bosses? Good workers are hard to find but many employers appear to be forgetting about the staff they have. No-one enjoys a job where they are not appreciated, so why hang around?
  4. Salary – Are you being fairly compensated for your work? Salaries are rising but not all employers are recognising this. Being underpaid may not be No. 1 on your list if No’s 1,2, and 3 are being cared for but being underpaid will always be a key factor when considering whether to move.
  5. Working environment – Is work as nice place to be? It could be a cold dark office in the middle of no-where or an office with no atmosphere. You spend a large amount of your time at work so if your working environment is dragging you down then chances are that you will start the search for a new job.

So, what do you think? Do any of these factors resonate with you? Is this New Year the right time for you to take stock of your work life and make some changes? Here are some proactive ways in which you can approach this.

  1. Review your work life – We know it is important to be happy at work, so why not spend a little time working out whether you are happy in your job or whether it is time for a change.
  2. Look at your options – Is your job or work environment likely to change? Is your manager someone you can discuss change with? If the answer to either of these is no then you know what to do…
  3. Make a change! – Contact us and we will spend time with you, working through your individual wants & needs and ensuring that you find the perfect surveying job for 2016.

Whatever you do, consider how important being happy at work is for you. Your next career step could be a step in the direction of a happier work life!

Happy New Year and good luck for 2016!