Could this be the ONE reason you were dreading work this morning?

OK, so there is more than one reason why leaving the comfort of your warm home to traipse in to the office could fill you with dread, but there is possibly one thing that could change it all.

Your job…

  • You may have an hour and a half commute in to work
  • You may not be given the variety of work you would like
  • You may not have scope for progression
  • You may not be inspired by your boss…

There are a number of reasons why your job may not be right for you and could be holding back your entire career.

With Surveyors in high demand and short supply, employers know that to secure the best candidates they need to offer the best opportunities, with progression and packages to match. If your job is not offering all you need, it’s time to look for a new one.


We spend a huge proportion of our life at work, so what would improve your working life? It’s worth considering the following areas when planning a career step: –

  • Location
  • Company
  • Project sectors
  • Responsibilities
  • Progression
  • Package

A good recruiter shouldn’t just take your CV, they will review all aspects of what’s important to you, what you want from a company in terms of package, environment etc and tailor it to you as an individual. It’s important for us that the fit is right from day one and that you’re not back in the job pool after a couple of months.


If you already have one, an update is all that’s required. Our advice is to keep it simple. No fancy fonts, pictures or graphics, just show us what experience you have and where your skills lay. If the information is relevant, add it.

We always discuss CV’s in detail so don’t worry too much, we are happy to offer guidance.


Send you CV over to HD Surveyors and at this stage it WILL NOT be sent out to anyone. We don’t send out CV’s without your permission… Before we start work we want to get to know you, your experience and your requirements for the future. Once we’ve done this, we’ll begin a bespoke job search based on your specific criteria, nothing “bog-standard” here!

So, get in touch and discuss your next career step.

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Email – [email protected]

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