Staff benefits... What matters to you?

I spend a lot of time talking to Surveyors about what is important for them in a job offer, the answers can be quite surprising. Money is a necessity but more money is rarely top of the list and rather than healthcare or pension options, it is often the smaller things that make their workplace a happy one.

Soft Benefits = “An employee benefit that is non-financial in nature” –

Soft benefits don’t have to come with a big price tag but they appear to have a bigger impact on job satisfaction because they focus on an employee’s well-being and happiness.

This morning I spoke with a client in Berkshire. We discussed their requirement for a Senior Building Surveyor, the salary on offer and the progression opportunities. I then broached the subject of soft benefits. They knew exactly what I meant and talked me through an impressive offering, a part of which I will share with you now.

  • Free parking at the office – This is a biggy. If you commute by car you could be paying upwards of £30/week and then still must walk for another 10 minutes just to get to your office.
  • 09:00-5:30 hours with overtime not expected – Wow, no more staying in the office until 7pm or later when you could be with your family or enjoying some you time.
  • 3 days free at Christmas – No need to resent using your holiday entitlement for the festive period!
  • Flexi-hours on a Friday – Whether you want to beat the traffic, see your kids or hit the bar early, who wouldn’t love flexi-hours on a Friday?
  • Free fruit basket – Healthy snacking is hard in a busy world, so ditch the crisps and grab an apple… for free!
  • Multiple social events – From celebrating a colleagues’ birthday to a summer party with your colleagues or a Christmas doo with partners invited and hotels paid for… a social environment helps build happy and healthy relationships in the office and is also damned good fun!
  • Employees helpline – Life is stressful and it’s good to talk. This client offers a phone advice service 24/7/365. Whether it’s a problem at home, work or in your private life, this free and 100% confidential support line is there for when you need a little help.

How does this measure up?

I’d love to hear your thoughts… What does your company offer? What is your package missing?

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