Surveyors – Is your “specialism” stalling your career and reducing your long-term earnings?

Surveyors – Is your “specialism” stalling your career and reducing your long-term earnings?

As I write this, I am working with Surveyors of all types. Some have broad experience, others a more specialist focus, such as insurance reinstatement, high-rise buildings, or the rail sector.

Sometimes your specialism will have benefits, especially in the short term, but as with every choice there are consequences too – something you may discover when you come to take your next career step.

The truth is, a lot of employers see specialism as a restriction. Here are just a few reasons why:

❌ Training requirements – Your specialism in one area means you’ll need training before getting involved in other areas of work. So, if a company delivers a broad range of work, they’ll need to spend time and money getting you up to speed

❌ Adaptability – Depending on your length of time in one sector, your focus can raise questions about your ability to change. 5-10 years in a specific niche may leave employers thinking that you’re stuck in your ways

❌ Flexibility – In turbulent times a company’s focus changes and employers need staff who can deliver a range of work

However, if you ARE specialised then I want you to know that none of these issues are insurmountable.

How do you get past them?



Whether that means asking to be exposed to a wider range of work within your own company, or making a sideways move to a company with a broader workload, you’ll soon increase your appeal to a wider range of employers.

The bottom line is, the moment you recognise that you’re being pigeonholed is the time to change.

I have helped numerous people to make this change, and with a proper strategy you can take control of your career and benefit from: –

✔ Higher long-term earnings

✔ Improved progression opportunities

✔ Increased job options when you need or want to move

If you’re a highly specialised surveyor and you want to broaden your experience, just send me a DM and we can discuss your situation. I don’t need your CV.

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